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  • Six Sigma is a philosophy, a measure and a methodology that provides business with a perspective and tools to achieve new levels of performance in both services and products.
    This course introduces the principles and practices of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy as one of the most effective problem solving and culture change technique; by teach effective methods and techniques for (Process Improvement, Process Design, Product Performance Improvement, and Product Design).

    Senior Management, Managers, Potential Manager, Team Members, Process Development and Process Managers …


    The training structure is based on the DMAIC methodology, by dedicating period for each phase, the length and depth of each phase is a function of the belt …

    Introduction and concepts of process improvement

    Problem Definition Phase ,Define the business objectives (VoC),Identify the Pain Area (symptoms)Define the problem,Prepare a business case for the improvement effortMeasurement PhaseDesign and develop the measurement systems,Baseline the process performance (VoP)

    Analysis Phase,Process Analysis,Data gathering,Root cause analysis

    Improvement Phase

    Innovation and creativity to come out with new ideas,

    Process redesign,training, …

    Pilot the implementation, and Culture change …

    Control Phase

    Develop the Statistical Process Control (SPC),

    Institutionalize the implementation

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