Microsoft Project Server 2010 for Administrators

Course Objective:

The goal of this instructor-led course is to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively to configure the Project Server 2010 environment for managing proposals, projects, costs and resources. Administrators will also learn how to manage the security settings of the environment, handle operational database settings and build custom templates and reports.

Online Course Format:

This remote course is conducted by a live instructor who will display diagrams to explain concepts, walk through the steps on how to do things and give the students opportunity to ask questions. If students have access to their own Project Server 2010 environment, they are welcome to try things out as the content is being delivered. There will be a short quiz on the previous session content to help the instructor determine what topics should be reviewed before introducing new content. The online course consists of 4 sessions. The following is a list of topics covered in each session.

Course Curriculum:

  • Day One

Overview to Project Server 2010

Project Server’s Client Applications

Connecting with Project Professional

Configuring Project Professional


Customizing Enterprise Data

Customizing Enterprise Data

Modifying Enterprise Calendars

Customizing Enterprise Fields

Codes used for Resource Matching

Modifying Lookup Tables

Creating Calculated Fields

Defining Enterprise Project Types

Creating Custom Tables & Views

Saving & Closing the Enterprise Global

Saving a Template

  • Day Two

Customizing Data (cont.)

Managing Phase and Stages

Creating Project Detail Pages

Managing Workflow settings

Customizing Business Drivers

Prioritize Business Drivers

Custom Enterprise Templates


Time and Task Management

Task Settings and Display

Close Tasks to Update

Project Fields for Task Assignments

Timesheet Settings and Defaults

Administrative Time Settings

Timesheet Classifications

Timesheet Periods

Fiscal Time Periods

  • Day Three

The Security Model

Security Model

Project Web App Permissions

Group Permissions


Security Templates

Managing User Accounts

Active Directory Synchronization

Adding Resources from Project Web App

Adding Resources from Project Professional

Inactivating a Resource

Setting up Team Resources


Operational Settings

Alerts and Reminders

Additional Server Settings

Server Side Event Handling

Managing Sites

Project Site Provisioning Settings

Creating a Custom Workspace Template

Managing the Queue

Managing Queue Jobs

Queue Settings

  • Day Four

Customizing Appearance & Reporting

Customizing the Look & Feel

Modifying the Quick Launch

Adding Web Parts

Managing Online Views

Creating Custom Online Views

Business Intelligence Reporting

OLAP Cube Build Settings

Defining New Cube Settings

Configuring Cube Data

Building the Cube

OLAP Data Structures

Excel Reporting Services

Pivot Graphs

Business Intelligence Reporting Templates


Managing Databases

Database Administration

Forcing Check-In of Enterprise Objects

Deleting Enterprise Objects

Performing Administrative Backups

Scheduling Backups

Administrative Restore

Booking Course