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  • Overview
  • Course Objectives
  • Duration
  • Target Audiences
  • Course Outline
  • Language
  • Attendees/ Session
  • This training course is to introduce the participants to Primavera 6® software for successful project management

    Learn how to use primavera for project planning, scheduling, and control. The course gives background in the concept of project management processes & scheduling techniques will be covered. The Practical sessions will provide hands-on experience. Workshops create and track sample project from Planning phase till controlling phase (updating).

    20 Hours

    Program Managers, Project Managers, and Planners/Schedulers who are or will be involved in the areas of engineering, production, construction, information technology.

    Primavera 6® will give them very strong and successful tool for planning and managing their projects.

    Unit 1

    • Introduction to Primavera
    • Project Management life cycle
    • Network planning
    • Critical path method (CPM)
    • Schedule calculations
    • Navigation
    • Setting up the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
    • Setting up the Organizational breakdown Structure (OBS)
    • Creating a new Project
    • Work breakdown structure (WBS)
    • Creating WBS Hierarchy
    • Adding WBS Elements and Assigning Properties
    • Working with Activities
    • Activity Types
    • Adding Activities
    • Establishing Relationships
    • Project Scheduling

    Unit 2

    • Constraints Types
    • Working with Calendars
    • Working with Calendars (Global, Project)
    • Create new project Calendars
    • Establishing Activity Codes
    • Creating Activity Codes and Values
    • Assigning Codes to activities
    • Maintaining a Project’s Document Library
    • Adding/Deleting Work Products And Documents
    • Assigning Work Products and Documents To Activities
    • Working with Layouts
    • Creating, Opening, and Saving Layouts


    • Grouping, Sorting Data
    • Filtering Data
    • Customizing Layouts
    • Modifying Columns, Adjusting the Timescale, Formatting Gantt Charts
    • Produce bar chart reports
    • Produce schedule reports
    • Defining Resources and Roles
    • Resources Overview
    • Viewing and Adding Resources
    • Working with Cost Accounts and Project Expenses
    • Setting Up a Cost Account Structure
    • Adding Expenses and Entering Cost Information
    • Analyzing Resources and Costs
    • Producing Resource Usage Profile
    • Producing Resource Usage spreadsheet
    • Updating process


    • Managing Baselines
    • Creating and Maintaining Baselines
    • Assigning Baselines to Projects
    • Updating
    • Choosing a Method of Updating
    • Record project progress
    • Scheduling Projects
    • Current vs. Baseline comparison report


    • Creating a Project
    • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Adding Activities
    • Scheduling the Project
    • Working  with Calendars
    • Activity Codes
    • Producing Bar Chart Report
    • Assigning Resource and Cost
    • Analyzing Resource and Cost
    • Updating the Schedule

    English / Arabic

    Up to 12 individuals

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