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  • PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects.

    PRINCE 2 Officially launched in October 1996, PRINCE2 is the method used for planning and managing projects in the public and private sectors. The method is used for a wide variety and size of projects. PRINCE2  is universally accepted as best practice project management.

    PRINCE 2 enable the project manager and the project team to

    Focus on business justification

    • Defined organization structure for the project management team
    • Product-based planning approach
    • Emphasis on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages
    • Flexibility that can be applied at a level appropriate to the project.

    Prepare the attendees for the foundation and practitioner exam

    1. Understand the PRINCE2 method.
    2. Understand the integrated elements of PRINCE2
    3. The 7 Principles
    4. The 7 Processes
    5. The 7 Themes
    6. Tailoring within a work environment
    7. Understand the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management
    8. Help delegates to operate effectively with colleagues and managers within a structured project management environment
    9. Prepare the attendees for the foundation and practitioner exam

    Project team, project managers, functional managers, system analyst, business analyst, individuals seeking knowledge about PRINCE 2, individuals seeking the foundation and practitioner certificate

    Day 1

    1. Introduction to PRINCE 2
    2. Basic concepts of PRINCE 2
    3. End-to-End Walkthrough

    Day 2

    1. Starting-Up a Project Process
    2. Initiating a project Process
    3. Organizing Theme

    Day 3

    1. Business Case Theme
    2. Plan Theme
    3. Quality Theme

    Day 4

    1. Risk Theme
    2. Progress Theme
    3. Manage a Stage Boundary Process

    Day 5

    1. Managing Product Delivery
    2. Controlling a Stage Process
    3. Closing a Project Process

    Day 6

    1. Tailoring PRINCE 2 to project environment
    2. Post-exam assessment

    English / Arabic