Agile project management provides numerous benefits to organizations,

project teams, and products. Using Agile the organization can provide better product quality , Higher customer satisfaction, Higher team morale, Increased collaboration and ownership and Reduced risk

This course is PMI®-ACP® certification exam preparation course. The course will support project managers to manage their project with Agile methodology instead of the traditional management way.

*Recommended for PMP® certified.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to speak agile language.
  • Know different Agile methods
  • Understand Agile manifesto and principles
  • Learn how to manage project with Agile.
  • Learn how to manage the project from value delivery perspective.
  • Understand how plan, estimate , boost Agile team and enhance delivered value

Know how to minimize project risks using agile methodology

Course Outline

1- Introduction

–   About PMI®_ACP® Exam

–   How to study for the exam

2- Agile Framework

–   Agile Manifesto

–   Agile methods

3- Value Driven Delivery

–    Assessing Value

–    Planning Value

–    Delivering Value

–    Confirming Value

–    Tracking and reporting value

4- Stakeholder Engagement

–    Aligning stakeholder understanding

–    Communicating with stake holders

–    Using critical soft skills

–     Leading effectively

5- Boosting Team performance

–     Understanding team performance

–     Team practices

6- Adaptive planning

–      Planning concepts

–      Estimation

–      Agile Plans

7- Problem detection and resolution

–       Identify problems

–       Resolving problems

8- Continuous improvement

–       Continuous improvement practices

9- Sample Exam


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