Course information

In this workshop attendants of the course will:

·Learn the technique, style as well as clear language used in written communication.

·Enhance writing skills to convince others of different ideas, concepts or services.

·Know how to achieve greater results through any form of written communication – letters, reports, email, memos depending on persuading the readers

Lesson 1: Writing Email and Other Electronic Communication

·         Topic 1A: Organize your materials.

·         Topic 1B: Write an email.

·         Topic 1C: Write instant messages.

Lesson 2: Writing Effective Business Communication

·         Topic 2A: Analyze your audience.

·         Topic 2B: Write an internal announcement.

·         Topic 2C: Write an email responding to routine requests.

·         Topic 2D: Write an email to respond positively to customer complaints.

·         Topic 2E: Write bad-news messages.

Lesson 3: Writing a Business Letter

·         Topic 3A: Write a business letter.

·         Topic 3B: Write a thank-you letter.

Lesson 4: Writing Business Proposals

·         Topic 4A: Persuade your audience.

·         Topic 4B: Write an executive summary.

·         Topic 4C: Use visuals.

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