Do you want to take a professional project management course (PMP) with a company specialized in Project Management and training with more than 13 years of experience in this field in Egypt & Middle East and also accredited by (PMI) Project Management Institute (R.E.P)? PMP is considered essential for the project managers. Especially, for those who wish to take the next step in their career. It is a globally recognized professional certification.

Now that we understood what this certificate is all about, let’s come back to the original question. Should you get its certification? There are both costs and benefits to getting the PMP certification. But, many hiring experts and certified professionals agree that benefits far outweigh the costs.

Benefits of doing a PMP certification:

1. Adds value to the resume.

2. Provides Industry recognition.

3. Helps you learn important skills.

4. Contributes to higher income.

5. Provides networking opportunities.

6. Validates your dedication to the job.

ConclusionIn summary, some people might view its certification as expensive, time-consuming and difficult. But, many hiring experts treat PMP certification as an important credential that adds credibility to your resume. Further, it helps you build essential skills required to excel in your career.  So yes! This certification is worth the effort. Are you interested in getting Project Management Professional certified? Then train with the best in the industry. PM House is a leading Project Management training organization and an authorized PMI R.E.P (Registered Education Provider). We have trained more than 10,000 professionals with an impressive success rate of 98.9%.

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عيد فطر سعيد عليكم  مينفعش يدخل علينا العيد وإحنا إيدنا فاضية
50% جبنالكوا معانا عرض مبهر كورس إدارة مشروعات بخصم أكتر من   

ومش بس كدة هات صحابك وتعالى  

وهتاخد خصم إضافى

 يعنى تجمع صحابك وتنورونا وهتاخد الكورس والخصم  

فى إنتظار تواصلكم معنا

للتسجيل اضغط هنا

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