Course outline

  1. Introduction to EVM

  2. How to organize the project

  3. Roles and responsibilities

  4. Develop project schedule

  5. Estimate project budget

  6. Determine performance measurement methods

  7. Develop performance measurement baseline

  8. EVM Analysis

  9. Schedule Analysis using EVM

As a project management professional, it is critical to know the answers to questions such as: is work being accomplished as planned, is it costing as planned, and what is the remaining work likely to cost? While identifying issues such as these is critical to a projects success, it is even more critical as a project manager to be able to identify where the problems are occurring, how critical the problems are, and what it will take to get the project back on track.
This is where earned value management (EVM) methodology can fill a vital need.

The methodology incorporates project scope, schedule and costs, and the process is applicable across many knowledge areas and process groups. The course is intended for anyone who wants to better develop their project management tool set and know how to potentially improve project performance through the use of earned value.

This course is intended to guide experienced project management practitioners who are familiar with EVM as well as novices. It also provides insight and detailed explanations of the basic elements and processes of EVM, and demonstrates how to scale EVM to fit varying project sizes and situations. It also expands on covering the basic elements with in-depth coverage of more complex EVM subjects.

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