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Up to this point in your career, you have been a successful employee or individual contributor, or have recently been promoted to manager. You have developed skills to be successful in your field. In this course, you will learn the practical skills you need to be an effective leader in your organization.

New managers and individual contributors who are seeking to develop or enhance leadership abilities with practical skills.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
•To differentiate between leadership and management core competencies
•Increase our leadership sphere of influence
•Develop additional skills within the five drivers of business success
•To examine our leadership styles—maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses
•To increase the productivity of individuals and teams within our organization

Day One

  – Introduction

Module One

1Develop Personal Leadership

Understand leadership and management and the related drivers for success

Describe leadership experiences and values

•Inner view to open the lines of communication and build trust

Module Two

2-Understanding the Innovation Process

Become more proactive instead of reactive in change management

Recognize and encourage idea fluency

Facilitate an innovation process for problem solving and continuous improvement

•Create a safe environment for the exchange and flow of ideas

Module Three

3- Demonstrating the Planning Process

·   Describe a vision in clear, specific, compelling terms

·   Identify the steps necessary to transform the vision into action

·   Implement a plan with clearly defined communication goals

Module Four

4-Defining the Performance Process

Create a picture of what your job looks like when it is being done well

Write a document that defines performance expectations

Identify key skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to job performance

•Translate business objectives into daily activities with measurable results

Day Two

Module Five

-The Appraisal System and Coaching Process

Conduct “RAVE” performance reviews

Describe the Cycle of Growth and Change and how it relates to training

•Apply the steps of the coaching process to improve performance in others

Module Six

6- Decision Making & Problem Analysis

  • Apply different decision making techniques to reach more sound decisions
  • Use defined processes to solve challenging problems

·         Apply principles of controlling stress and worry in making decisions and solving problems

Module Seven

7- Implementing the Delegation Process

  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to develop and train others
  • Plan and prepare for a delegation meeting
  • Communicate clear performance standards for follow-up and accountability

·         Understand the cycle of empowerment

Module Eight

8- Handling Mistakes

·         Handle mistakes more effectively using a human relations approach


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