Course information

This remote course is conducted by a live instructor who will display diagrams to explain concepts, walk through the steps on how to do things and give the students opportunity to ask questions. If students have a Project Server 2010 environment to connect to, they can follow the steps on their own as the content is being delivered. Participants will also receive a quick reference guide for the step by step instructions.

The goal of this course is to provide team members with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively to manage their tasks, report time, and manage their respective issues and documents in a Project Server environment. Students will also learn how to view information on the server and create projects from the Project Web App (PWA).

Getting started with PWA 2010

Overview to the Project Server environment

Viewing projects on the server

Sorting, filtering, and grouping projects

Viewing resources on the server

Sorting, filtering, and grouping resources


Updating Tasks from Project Web App (PWA)

Updating task assignments from PWA

Changing the task view in PWA

Filtering and grouping tasks

Reporting task progress from PWA

Removing tasks from PWA

Adding a task or assignment in PWA

Reassigning work from PWA

Opening the timesheet

Adding administrative tasks

Adding tasks to the timesheet

Posting timesheet hours

Recalling and deleting a timesheet


Using the Project Site

Accessing the project site

Entering or editing issues-

Entering or editing risks

Uploading documents

Courses schedule