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Prepare for the PMI® Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)® certification exam through this course.

This course offers an in-depth look at project scheduling through a PMI® perspective, and is delivered in a combination of lecture and hands-on learning format. In this course, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to project scheduling and cover the five primary exam objectives. This prep course will utilize the 5th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide Body of Knowledge

This training course will provide participants with a thorough background in the concepts of Planning and Scheduling Engineering and Construction projects. The course addresses how to identify, monitor, and balance information crucial for the successful management of projects. It will discuss the development of a baseline performance management plan (PMP)® for the project that will allow the efficient compilation and the timely generation of quantitative performance comparisons. The comparisons highlight significant performance departures (“actual vs. baseline”) and allow for preventive and early remedial and corrective actions.

30 Hours

This course will benefit anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of concepts of schedule development and management through PMI®standards and guidelines, and will focus on exam preparation for the PMI-SP® certification exam

Unit 1: Project Management Framework

  • Identify Project Management Basics
  • Examine Organizational Influences on Project Management
  • Examine the Project Management Context Identifying Project Management Processes
  • Examine the Project Life Cycle
  • Recognize Process Groups

 Unit 2: Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)® and Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)®

  • Describe Project Selection Methods and Processes
  • Create a Project SOW
  • Create a Project Charter
  • Describe the Elements of a Project Management Plan
  • Create a Scope Statement
    Identify Enterprise Environmental Factors

Unit 3:WBS and Activity Identification

  • Explore WBS Creation
  • Explore Activity Definition
  • Create a Milestone List
  • Create an Activity List
  • Identify Activity Attributes

 Unit 4: Develop Network Diagram 

  • Describe the Process of sequencing Project Activities
  • Determine Activity Dependencies and Relationships
  • Apply Lag and Lead in Activity Sequence
  • Create a Schedule Network Diagram

Unit 5: Estimating Activity Resources & Durations 

  • Identify Activity Resources 
  • Determine Activity Resource Requirements
  • Describe the Process of Developing a Project Schedule
  • Draft a Project Schedule

Unit 6: Network Schedule Calculation

  • Identify the Critical Path
  • Optimize the Project Schedule
  • Establish a Schedule Baseline
  • Create Schedule Data

Unit 7: Earned Value Management

  • Explore the Control Schedule Process by EV
  • Utilize an Integrated Change Control System
  • Monitor the Schedule
  • Calculate Schedule Efficiency

Unit 8: Project Report

Communicate the Project Status

English / Arabic

Up to 12 individuals

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