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The goal of this course is to provide the attendee with the required concepts and knowledge, that enable them to understand what is portfolio and portfolio management, and how the organization could benefit from using the concept of portfolio management in order to successfully implement its strategy and to achieve its strategic objectives.

Clearly identified and agreed upon success metrics across multiple projects in your unit or organization allows you to optimize outcomes when faced with limited or conflicting resources.

This strategy course explores proven approaches for ensuring that the organization is investing in the right projects, providing the right resources, and completing them at the right time.

  1. Differentiate between the project, program and portfolio.

  2. Define what is portfolio and portfolio management.

  3. Define the portfolio management process group.

  4. Define the portfolio management knowledge areas.

  5. Apply statistical techniques to portfolio evaluation and optimization

  6. Establish effective governance over one or more project portfolios

  7. Evaluate the inherent value and risk of projects within the portfolio

  8. Manage a dynamic pipeline in which projects are constantly added, closed out and re-scoped

  9. Perform the basic tasks and activities of portfolio management.

Unit 1

  1. Pre-exam assessment
  2. Introduction and basic concepts of project and program management.
  3. Definition of portfolio and portfolio management.
  4. The relation between project, program and portfolio.
  5. Portfolio management knowledge areas and process groups

Unit 2

  1. What is organizational project management?
  2. What is the value of organizational project management?
  3. How to implement the concepts of organizational project management?

Unit 3

  1. Portfolio Strategic Management knowledge area
  2. Portfolio Governance Management knowledge area

Unit 4

  1. Portfolio Performance Management knowledge area
  2. Portfolio Communication Management
  3. Portfolio Risk Management knowledge area

Unit 5

  1. PfMP certification overview
  2. PfMP sample exam

30 Hours

English / Arabic

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