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If you mange project , or want to enter a new project management role , This course is ideally suited for anyone looking to better manage their project for work, including junior project managers , business owners or those who are looking to start out their project management career

This Workshops highlight on How can we help project sponsor to select appropriate project to meet company strategic objectives and how can project management team prepare the project management plan to manage project execution successfully and meet project requirements based on the best practices by PMI® project management institute

16 Hours

This course provides a foundational reference for anyone interested in the profession of project management. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Project managers and other project team members
  • Customers and other stakeholders
  • Functional managers with employees assigned to project teams
  • Educators teaching project management and related subjects

Consultants and other specialists in project management and related fields

  • Workshops designed to Prepare
  • Produce Project Charter
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Prepare Stakeholder management plan
  • Create WBS
  • Identify Project activities
  • Define activities dependences
  • Estimate activity resources
  • Estimate activities duration
  • Develop project Schedule
  • Develop RACI Char
  • Estimate Project cost
  • Budget Project cost and create cost baseline
  • Ishikawa Diagram
  • Prepare Risk Management Plan
  • Identify Project Risk Management
  • Perform Qualitative risk analysis.
  • Plan risk response strategies
  • Prepare Communication Management Plan
  • Plan Project Procurement and select contract types

English / Arabic

Up to 150 individuals

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