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Giving a formal or an informal presentation is becoming an increasingly important element in many job roles. This practical presentation skills training provides a basic introduction to the skills required to give good quality presentations. It gives delegates the opportunity to practice and gain professional feedback and coaching in a safe environment.

Today presentation skills are required in every field. Whether you are a student, an executive or the chairman of a big name organization, you will have to make a presentation at one time or another. The course is also popular amongst sales people, technical people and managers who need to share plans, ideas, proposals and project briefings.

In this workshop attendants of the course will:
·Identify and use effective presentations, use different types of presentations, plan a presentation, and determine primary and secondary objectives.

·Analyze the audience, determine the supporting material, and learn about different types of supporting materials.

·Build a presentation, develop an introduction, capture the audience attention, organize the body of the presentation, use transitions, and conclude the presentation.

·Incorporate visual aids, understand the types of visual aids, display and create visual aids.

·Use a presentation process, prepare before speaking in presentation, deliver a presentation and use nonverbal communication aids.

·Handle the questions effectively, approach the question and answer session, and handling challenging questions.

·Understand the goal of persuasion, organize a persuasive presentation, and use the methods of persuasion.

Fundamentals of presentations

Effective presentations

Planning a presentation

·Audience analysis

Audience analysis and supporting materials

·Building presentations 

Develop an introduction

Organize the body of the presentation

Effective conclusion

·Visual aids

Understand visual aids

Presentation mechanics

·Presentation process

Preparation for speaking

Deliver a presentation

Nonverbal communication

·Question and answer session

Handle questions effectively

Handle challenging questions

Question and answer session

·Fundamentals of persuasion

Understanding persuasion

Prepare for persuasive presentation

Methods of persuasion

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