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This training course is to introduce the participants to Primavera 6® software for successful project management

Learn how to use primavera for project planning, scheduling, and control. The course gives background in the concept of project management processes & scheduling techniques will be covered. The Practical sessions will provide hands-on experience. Workshops create and track sample project from Planning phase till controlling phase (updating).

20 Hours

Program Managers, Project Managers, and Planners/Schedulers who are or will be involved in the areas of engineering, production, construction, information technology.

Primavera 6® will give them very strong and successful tool for planning and managing their projects.

Unit 1

Introduction to Primavera
Project Management life cycle
Network planning
Critical path method (CPM)
Schedule calculations
Setting up the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
Setting up the Organizational breakdown Structure (OBS)
Creating a new Project
Work breakdown structure (WBS)
Creating WBS Hierarchy
Adding WBS Elements and Assigning Properties
Working with Activities
Activity Types
Adding Activities
Establishing Relationships
Project Scheduling
Unit 2

Constraints Types
Working with Calendars
Working with Calendars (Global, Project)
Create new project Calendars
Establishing Activity Codes
Creating Activity Codes and Values
Assigning Codes to activities
Maintaining a Project’s Document Library
Adding/Deleting Work Products And Documents
Assigning Work Products and Documents To Activities
Working with Layouts
Creating, Opening, and Saving Layouts

Grouping, Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Customizing Layouts
Modifying Columns, Adjusting the Timescale, Formatting Gantt Charts
Produce bar chart reports
Produce schedule reports
Defining Resources and Roles
Resources Overview
Viewing and Adding Resources
Working with Cost Accounts and Project Expenses
Setting Up a Cost Account Structure
Adding Expenses and Entering Cost Information
Analyzing Resources and Costs
Producing Resource Usage Profile
Producing Resource Usage spreadsheet
Updating process

Managing Baselines
Creating and Maintaining Baselines
Assigning Baselines to Projects
Choosing a Method of Updating
Record project progress
Scheduling Projects
Current vs. Baseline comparison report

Creating a Project
Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Adding Activities
Scheduling the Project
Working with Calendars
Activity Codes
Producing Bar Chart Report
Assigning Resource and Cost
Analyzing Resource and Cost
Updating the Schedule

English / Arabic

Up to 12 individuals

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