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Increasingly, organizations are using programs, rather than projects, for much of their work.  Through the use of programs, which consist of projects with interdependencies with one another as well as non-project work, organizations can achieve more benefits than if a project was managed in a standalone fashion. 

  • This course with workshops presents an overview as to the importance of programs and how they differ from the management of multiple projects. This overview also focuses on the relationship of program management to project management and portfolio management. This course also will focuses on preparing people to take and PASS this difficult exam. It contains study tips, a discussion of the various key concepts in each of the domains as well as in the Examination Content Outline, and practice test questions.

It is followed by the key activities to be performed in the five program management domains – Strategic Program Management, Program Life cycle, Benefit management, Stakeholder Management, Governance Management.  Through a combination of mini lectures and group exercises, participants will learn the importance of each of these five domains and what is necessary for success in each one.  Additionally, the program management life cycle and the benefits management will cycle will be stressed during this session.

30  Hours

If you’re a program manager looking to demonstrate a proven ability to manage complex, multiple projects and align results to organizational goals; increase your visibility and value with your organization; and separate yourself in the eyes of employers, the PgMP® credential is for you

Key Concepts In Program Management

  • Define projects, programs, subprograms, and portfolios
  • Articulate the business importance of program management
  • Distinguish the key differences between project management, program management, and managing multiple projects
  • Recognize the types of programs
  • Explain the key competencies of the program manager

Module1 – Strategic Program Management

  • Recognize the business value from program management
  • Distinguish the key differences between project management, portfolio management, and organizational project management
  • Explain the importance of organizational strategy and program alignment
  • Describe how to set up and use a roadmap
  • Describe types of environmental assessments


Module 2 – Program Life Cycle

  • Initiating the Program
  • Planning the Program
  • Executing the Program
  • Controlling the Program
  • Closing the Program

Module 3 – Benefits Management

  • Recognize the importance of the program Benefits Management
  • Explain the concepts in the Benefits Management from the Examination Content Outline

Module 4 – Stakeholder Management

  • Recognize the importance of the program Stakeholder Engagement
  • Explain the concepts in the Stakeholder Management from the Examination Content Outline

Module 5– Governance

  • Recognize the importance of Program Governance
  • Explain the concepts in Governance from the Examination Content Outline

English / Arabic

Up to 12 individuals

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