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Today’s projects / programs are increasingly complex and Implemented under extremely tight time and financial constraints. While project managers often have the knowledge of the content their project covers, he will have to manage the most important resource of all time humans. How the project manager plan his needs, chose the right resource, develop the organization structure, develop the skills of those who are working within his project and most of all how to keep them motivated, this is the real challenge.


Introduction to project management

• Organization chart and structure

• The importance of human resource and human resource management

• Human resource management as per PM standards

• Human resource planning and conducting

• Interview techniques and training planning

• Team building and team management

• Important tolls of Project HR management

• Interpersonal

 Understand the concept of project management and the value of management

• Be able to understand the proper way to determine the right way to deal with the organization structure he is working within

• Be Able to understand how to develop the organization structure of his project

• Value the importance of planning the human resource needs for the project

• Understand scheduling and it’s relation to resource planning

• Understand the value of communication and communication skills

• Understand the value of Human resource management as per PM standards

• Understand the most useful Monitoring and Evaluation tools for HR

• Understand and practice the Interview techniques and developing training plans

• Be able to set HR KPIs, evaluate the reports and highlight the problems.

• Be able to develop teams and practice Team building and team management

• Understand the value of Interpersonal skills and soft skills for managing the HR

• Enhance their skills to draft a sound proposal using the log frame as a basis

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