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Quality and Document Management

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Course information

Align the standards and Work together to define the root cause of each process performed in Construction work from Standards point of view, Define the root cause and Fundamentals of construction documents, Enhance management Skills of different Type of work


Prepare a new wave of engineers and document controllers (fresh/experience) have the knowhow of referring their work strategy to International standards and reference to enhance their skills and increase their productivity.

After the completion of this course, the participant should:

1.Root cause of your work :

o  Give u the privilege of understanding the basics and standards of doing your daily job


o  Allow you to gain more experience than ever by exploring a new knowledge area

3.Sharing information:

Session depend on sharing information from different Cultures, companies and construction sites.

  • Module 1. Document Control Management
  • Module 2. Fundamentals and Most Common Vocabulary         
  • Module 3. Document Controlling Principles                  
  • Module 4. ISO 9001:2015 Documents Requirements    
  • Module 5. Construction Documents Technology           
  • Module 6. Introduction to Construction Documents      
  • Module 7. Drawings                                           
  • Module 8. Submittals
  •   Module 9. Management Knowledge   

12 hours – 6 hrs per each day

This course is targeting (Fresh and Experience) Engineers – Document Controllers in any field of construction.  


Arabic / English

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