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We live in a world of turbulent change, new people, new technology, and new problems. We are bombarded every day with something new. Realities shift faster than we can deal with them and traditional problem-solving methods become no longer effective in all situations. Conventional brainstorming is not sufficient. Groups need exposure to diverse ideas, generation approaches and training in how to apply them.

Instead, we must look for new ways to deal with change-creative solutions we can customize to fit any situation and develop new solution options.

At this training’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

• Increase awareness of problem solving steps and problem solving tools.

• Distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem.

• Improve problem solving and decision making skills by identifying individual problem solving styles.

• Think creatively and work towards creative solutions.

• Recognize the top rules of good decision-making.

Individuals at any level of an organization who want to apply creativity and critical thinking skills to their decision-making process. In addition, groups settings wishing to work collaboratively using a systematic approach need to learn problem techniques as well.

Day one:

A.    Creativity and problem solving

B.    Basic principles for encouraging creativity

C.    Linking problems, solutions, and activities

D.   The efficiency of brainstorming

Day two:

A.    Using defined processes to make decisions

B.    Four problem-solving questions to hold others accountable

C.    Principles for controlling stress and worry in making decisions

D.   Handling mistakes effectively using a human relations approach

Day three

A.    Selling change by carefully considering all the options

B.    Describing the cycle of performance improvement

C.    The steps of the coaching process to improve performance

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